At the end of the 20th century, as environmental reform began to transform the paper industry, Derek Smith became an agent for change.

A multi-national business leader with decades of service to the papermaking, converting, and printing communities, he founded a consultancy Derek Smith and Associates in 2005.

Derek Smith and Associates assists organizations to align their social responsibility aspirations with required fiscal viability. Derek Smith and Associates focuses on the forests, procurement of paper products, print & designers.

Derek Smith has been advisor to environmental NGO's :

Working directly with management, Smith identifies the business opportunities that exist in dynamic environmental reform. The resulting Corporate Sustainability Program serves as a road map for strategy, Personal Development and Sustainable Procurement Programs.

An accomplished, inspirational speaker, Smith's services have led him to address large events or special groups countrywide.

Smith currently consults for xpedx Group and is a member of the xpedx Sustainable Advisory Committee.
He is the author of Derek Smith's Enviropal, a field study guide on sustainability in paper, print & design.

Smith, born in England, lived in Southern Africa now resides near Washington DC. His family and future of his grandchildren fuel his passion for sustainable business.